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Welcome to the Doctor Who Image Archive! This is a community designed to make it easier for everyone to share their favorite pics of The Doctor, his companions, villians, whomever, for use in making icons, journal/webpage layouts, even just your wallpaper.

Everyone knows how not-fun it can be spending 6 hours combing the internet for pics that don't have watermarks, that aren't blurry or pixilated...It would just be easier if you could go to one place that already had pictures you want to see and use without having to slog through a bunch of bad pics and broken links.

Well, here's your place.

Just a few simple rules to make sure everything stays clean and simple:

1. Cut-text is your friend - and ours.

2. Please note that this archive is for images only; please do not post fanfic, interviews, etc.

3. To make it easier to locate pictures of the particular person/item users may want to find, please limit posts to one subject per entry. For example, if you have 10 pics which are of, say, the 2nd Doctor, Peri, and a Slitheen, please make 3 separate posts. I know this will take an extra couple of minutes, but it'll be much easier for someone scrolling down looking for pictures of Romana #1 to actually find said pictures.

4. PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK. If you see something you want to use, save it to your own file. Otherwise this resource is completely useless.

5. Please keep real-life pics in their own posts as well - while pics of Christopher Eccleston are indeed yummy, they're not the same as pics of the Doctor and so can lead to said slogging. Thanks!

6. Please credit where you found a pic or scanned it from (ex. www.bbc.co.uk, issue #3 DW magazine, whatever) If you don't remember, fine. But please do try.

7. In the highly unlikely occasion that flamage occurs, the offender will be banned. No exceptions.

Other than that, have fun!