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Chaz Boston Baden [userpic]
Gallifrey 2008 postcard
by Chaz Boston Baden (hazelchaz)
at December 25th, 2007 (02:33 pm)

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We've got another Gallifrey One postcard deadline coming up in a week. New Year's Day is our cut-off for the postcards.

Gallifrey 2008 call for postcard art

Who wants to design a postcard for Gallifrey One's Nineteenth Symphony: Opus 2008? The prize is a pound of See's Chocolates, or half a kilo of Cadbury Roses (or other Cadbury). You can also get on our mailing list, if you just want to get the postcards in the mail.

We're going to cram an entire progress report onto one side of a little postcard. What should we put on the other side? We've got full color printing capability. Bleed, even -- you can have color and stuff going right up to the edge.

(Pacific time) 12:01 pm 01 January. (Happy new year!)
(British time) 8:01 pm 01 January.

Dimensions at 300 dpi: 1350x1875 or 1875x1350 pixels. Display thumbnail size, if you post your designs, should be 270x375 or 375x270 pixels (i.e., 60 dpi).

Design your art to be 4.5"x6.25" at 300 dpi, and allow for at least 1/8" along the edges where you won't have any text or anything vital to the design. It'll be 4.25"x6" once it's trimmed. So, don't have any text or logos within 40 pixels of the edge (1/8") and we should have no trouble trimming it.

You can e-mail the high-resolution version to gallifrey at postcardart dot info, or just publish a link to it on your server.

You could have a photo of Canary Wharf in flames and a big banner that says "Greetings from Torchwood!" like a standard tourist photo postcard. You could pretend you're designing a color cover for the convention program book and make a photo montage with lots of dark blue swirls in it. Make it look like a still from the opening credits sequence with the Tardis flying through hyperspace... Whatever. It should probably have the official full name of the convention on it somewhere, although that's not actually required.

If you want, we can use Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, and Daphne Ashbrook on our postcards. You can do a collage of photos, or you can draw any of them.

Prize for the one we use will be a 1-lb. box of See's chocolates, or 500g of Cadbury Roses (or other Cadbury chocolate), or something else if you're allergic or dieting. If you've used someone else's art in your composition, get their permission -- you'll be splitting the prize with them.

You can also get on our mailing list, if you just want to get the postcards in the mail. Your info will be kept on a computer in California, and will only be used to send you convention postcards.

Questions and Clarifications

What about silhouettes? Tom Baker is pretty distinguishable with his scarf in silhouette, but you could argue that's not him too. So if you don't want people for whatever reason at all, that's fine. I just wanted to ask. (2007-09-20 04:29, vandonovan)

...Nope. You can include Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred or Daphne Ashbrook, but since Baker's not on our guest list at all, we don't want to give the impression that he's coming.

*raises hand* Just a note regarding the postcards and stuff - are these actually being mailed out? Because I wouldn't want to put anyone through the expense of mailing stuff out to Australia XD Would there be scanned, online versions, or could I have my postcards set aside and I'll pick them up at the convention, or can I nominate a friend of mine in the US that they can be sent to? (It's okay, she's going as well!) (2007-09-20 05:38, ryttu3k)

I can afford a couple of 90-cent stamps to send a few postcards down under. And if you're coming to the convention you're entitled to them to be mailed to you. If you insist, though, I can mark them "do not mail" or "mail c/o so-and-so." Last year I put out the extras on the freebie table for people who missed seeing them (or wanted clean ones in uncirculated condition), but some of this year's postcards might be out of print by then. Digital images will be posted.

Can you posts some samples of what has won before? (2007-09-20 06:01, digitalemerald)

Here are the previous postcards we've printed.

I take it (because of the prizes) that the competition is only open to contestants from Britain or the U.S.A.? (2007-09-20 08:12, therru)

Is the contest open to Quebec residents? (2007-09-25 15:59, Romanadvoratrelundar)

No to the first question, yes to the second, it's open to everyone on the planet. We'll happily ship. Even to Quebec. The prizes mean that we only have agents to buy and ship chocolate in Britain and U.S.A. (Berkshire and California, respectively). Originally I was just going to offer See's Chocolates (there's a shop not far from my home), until I realized that some people really, really, really like Cadbury's. As far as the See's: they have a number of different assortments. There's the Assorted Chocolates, the Milk Chocolates, the Soft Centers, the Nuts and Chews, the Chocolate and Variety... For one contest (different convention) the recipient asked for See's peanut brittle, in fact.

I'm thinking of doing my own card idea. did you say it could be hand drawn too? (2007-10-11 07:04, karuri)

Hand drawn is fine. They don't have to all be photo collages!

The rules posted on the LJ and forums, and the rules here show two different sizes. Are the postcards going to be 5.5" or 6" long/wide? (2007-10-29, Chaz)

Oops, I missed that. We'll print whichever size you give us. (You might find it easier to design it as 8.5"x11" and then reduce it 50%.) Our printer charges the same for either size and the post office accepts them equally.